Oh, right, we have a website!

Oh hi!

Kyle Jago, Apocalypse Kow’s bass here, and boy has it been a few years.

You get it, though, right? In March 2020, it was determined that singing was a very easy way to transmit COVID-19. So we went on hiatus. For (checks watch) OH NO!

Okay, three years. What to talk about? Let’s discuss the immediate future, shall we? Because we’ve been asked to perform at SING! Edmonton, a new local a cappella festival that’s got us very excited! It’s been too long since we’ve sung together, and even longer since we’ve sung for friends and new fans.

The fun starts on Friday, March 3 with the Artisanal A Cappella concert, featuring FEMME, Coventry Consort and High Street Sound!

On Saturday, March 4, Apocalypse Kow will be performing alongside Quayside Voices from Vancouver and 6 Minute Warning at the Pop N’ Laugh concert!

And then on Sunday, March 5, special guests, international jazz singers The Real Group will be staging their own concert! I’ve been a big fan of The Real Group for decades, and am definitely looking forward to seeing this new version!

So, will we see you there? We’re all really looking forward to hitting the stage after a long hiatus, and plan on putting on one fun set for you all!