Apocalypse Kow is an Edmonton-based a cappella group whose bright, dynamic onstage presence has been entertaining audiences since 1998. These a cappella ninjas have performed for audiences as diverse as political parties, fire departments, international athletes, non-profit organizations, and out-of-town wedding guests, and enjoy performing for volunteers and visitors at charity and fundraising events. They are regular performers at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival.

Musically, Apocalypse Kow specializes not in traditional vocal jazz, but music that lies further afield. They like videogame themes, 80s classics, punk and hard rock, and even barbershop, though just for funsies they throw in a jazz standard to mix things up and confuse the crowd. They do really well at weddings, but watch out, ladies, some of them are married and the remainder aren’t what you’d call “cream of the crop.” The whey, maybe. Yeah, that’s it, they’re the “whey of the crop.”

When not performing for adoring fans and festival-goers, these intrepid music heroes make the world better in other ways. They are teachers, speech therapists, tech support, and city employees, without whom the world would be a way worse place. Honest!

Apocalypse Kow consists of:

DEVIN R. BRUCE, the Steak Tartare
JOEL FORTH, the Veal Parmigiano
KYLE JAGO, the Crocque Monsieur
JOEL RIVERO, the Fettucine Alfredo
STANLEY WOO, the Lobster Thermidor

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