The umpteenth “annual” Kristmas Kabaret

October is coming to a close, which means November is on the way: cold weather, Stan’s vacation, and (hopefully) lots of snow for the Christmas season. And speaking of Christmas, did you know that the “annual” Apocalypse Kow Kristmas Kabaret is also coming up? We’ve been mentioning it here and there, but in case you haven’t been glued to every one of our Twitter posts, here it is again:

The Apocalypse Kow Kristmas Kabaret is happening on Thursday, December 8 at The Nest at NAIT, the same place as last year and the year before. As always, the Kow Kristmas Kabaret is a night of family-friendly fun, food, and funiculars! Okay, no funiculars, but it’s a fun word to say, isn’t it? Funicular… funicular… funny funicular… Bunnicula…

I’ve just been asked by my bovine compatriots to, quote, “get on with it,” so I shall. The Kristmas Kabaret will feature special guests, audience participation, and the delightful air of whimsy that accompanies every Kow performance.

As always, proceeds from the Kristmas Kabaret go to benefit a worthy charity. This year, that charity is the Edmonton Humane Society, an organization which offers many services involving animal care, adoption, and education.

We will post more about the Kabaret in the coming weeks, but we wanted you to know it is happening. As usual, contact us on social media if you have any questions or concerns. Or if you can get those darn knots out of Devin’s back.

Apocalypse Kow at ‘Art in Our Park’ Festival

This weekend is the last weekend of the Apocalypse Kow Christmas Album crowdfunding effort! If you have been waiting to see how we’ve been doing, well, we’re at 40% of our goal. With five days left. So, all of us Kows are asking you to help out with our final push! You want a copy of our new Christmas CD? Pledge at least $30. Did you want two tickets for you and a friend to all of our next season’s shows with priority seating? Pledge a cool hundo. Did you want us to perform at a place of your choosing for 30 or 60 minutes, and YOU get the choose the setlist? Take a look at our upper-tier rewards for that!

And even if you’ve already donated, even just spreading this around would be a great help to us. Did your aunt see us on the Fringe outdoor stages a few years back? Were your work friends at the Kaleido Festival for the past two years? Let’s face it, we’ve been performing around Edmonton for 18 years, so there might be someone in your extended network of friends and family who would be interested in helping out. Please share this, like this, let it out wide and far!

To everyone who’s donated already, we offer huge amounts of thanks! There’s been a bunch of CDs already spoken for, and one backer even will be joining us on stage to sing a song at a concert later on down the road! We really appreciate your donations, but we’re looking to keep on going for this weekend, and all the way up to the end of Wednesday!–2#/

Christmas album crownfunding campaign!

We’re 15 days into the campaign and feeling really great about the $1,325 that we’ve raised so far. Thanks so much to our backers!

We’ve had a busy spring and early summer with a number of performances, including our Spring Fling at the end of June, a Canada Day performance in St. Albert, and a wedding gig on the 5th of July. We’ve also been meeting on the weekends laying down tracks for the CD. 3 tunes have been sent to the producer and another 5 are just a little bit of editing away from being ready. Next Saturday we’ll be heading into the studio again for tracking on two more songs. So by midway through next week, we’re looking at having 10 tracks FINISHED recording! The finish line is in sight!

We still have a ways to go in terms of funding, so share the page below and tell your friends and family about what we’re trying to do. Also stay tuned as we’re going to be releasing a number of videos in the coming days and weeks!

Click here for all the details and to donate: