Post-Fringe wrap-up 2014

Another Fringe has come and gone. The equipment and merchandise have been put away, voices are resting, and we don’t have to look at each other’s mugs for a week and a half! Every year, the lead-up to Fringe is always a stressful time of learning lines, learning music, logistics, volunteer wrangling, set list creation, Post-Fringe wrap-up 2014

Fringe 2014

It’s been a pretty busy week here at Moo Corner. Even though none of us are working this week, we’ve been doing Fringe shows every night (except Tuesday, our one night off). Some of us are even doing¬†two¬† Fringe shows–Devin and Jago are also either performing, hosting, or doing tech for #YEGprov, and Stan is Fringe 2014

Fringe prep, part 3

It’s two days til our first show of Fringe, the first of 9 classic Apocalypse Kow shows of silliness and song. Opening ceremonies are tomorrow, the first of one classic Fringe opening ceremony of… openness… I guess? Today’s rehearsal consists of loading up all our equipment, merch, and concession materials and trucking them all to Fringe prep, part 3

Fringe prep, part 2

Hooray, it’s August! … Holy cats on a pogo stick, it’s August! Fringe is in two weeks and we haven’t even tested the trampoline yet! Or the tightrope! Or the oboe goats! It’s a darn good thing, then, that we don’t have any of those things in our Fringe show. This year, we’re taking things Fringe prep, part 2