Thanks to our designers

I’ve always been grateful to have many talented, creative friends who are willing to take Apocalypse Kow’s design jobs, especially early in our career when we didn’t have a whole lot of money. These days, we are glad we are able to compensate these talented designers for the work they do for us. I’d like to use this update to publicly acknowledge them and their work.

Our first thanks should rightfully go to Nicole Deibert of Nine Doors Design, who was gracious enough to create our first official logo when I asked her many, many years ago. It’s the one we’ve been using on our t-shirts, posters, and other media.

We’d also like to thank the designers of our CDs. The Complete First Season was designed by Jolene Ambard, while Live vol. 1 and The Greatest CD Ever were designed by friend of Kow, Lee Conrad. Our tireless audio engineer has always been the illustrious Steve McGonigle of Blackbox Studios. Our shirts have used Nicole’s logo (the logo shirts), a variation of Lee’s logo (Greatest Shirt Ever), and Stan’s reptile brain (Ceci n’est pas un kow and the Kowzoos). Our now out-of-print “Live and In Prison” shirts were done by a friend of Jago’s named Dustin, and the now out-of-print hoodies were designed by Stan. If you have a shirt design you think would fit the silly, sarcastic, and super-fun Kow aesthetic, let us know! We’re always looking for new ideas!

We can’t complete our round of thanks without acknowledging the efforts of our friend, fellow musician, and webmaster Ryan Ro, who has nagged, berated, poked, elbow-dropped, and dragged us Kows kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Ryan designed our website, set up our online store, helped get our music online for digital sales and streaming, and gave us tons of advice on being a musician in the digital age.

Thank you to all of our designers. I hope we get to work with them again!

Fringe update: Opening night!

Our opening night tonight was pretty fun. Even I enjoyed myself, and I’m usually a nervous wreck when it comes to our opening performance at the Fringe. We sounded great, most of our cues were tight, and we remembered 95% of our lines, correctly at that! The audience laughed in the right places, and enthusiastic audience members clapped or sang along to familiar songs. They seemed to enjoy our new stuff too, which is awesome, because part of the fun of being in Apocalypse Kow is in seeing what songs we can blow their minds with by singing it a cappella. Whether it’s Britney Spears’ ToxicPachelbel’s Canon leading into Green Day’s Basketcase, or the classic Ring of Fire, there’s always something a new audience member is surprised and/or impressed by. And there’s nothing I love more than an appreciative audience!

Most of my worries this year had to do with some of our merchandise and how it was all coming at the last minute. A little flooding here, a little missed email there, some scheduling difficulties over here, and last-minute things get to be last-second things. We received our shipment of new t-shirts this morning, and our new CDs were handed to us 90 seconds before curtain while we were in the green room! That cuts things a little too close for comfort.

But everything looks great and the CD sounds great. The only downside is that, due to our super-rushed t-shirt order, the printing company forgot to send us some tote bags so our ultra-magnificent merchanise combo offer, the Apocalypse Kow Beefy Package, while still a good value, is not as good a value as it would have been (or as convenient to carry) without the tote. Depending on when we get the totes, we may extend the Beefy Package deal through to our annual Kristmas Kabaret. Also, we owe one audience member 5 Kowzoos since, while remembering to haul all the new shirts to the venue this afternoon, we forgot to haul the Kowzoos.

But the Beefy Package still stands! You get:

  • one t-shirt of choice
  • we throw in a blue ladies’ logo t or a white logo t
  • any two CDs of choice
  • 5 Kowzoos

And you get all of that (approximately $50-$60 value) for only $40. Hope to see y’all at the show, and at the merch table so you can at least say hello afterwards!

New shirt design!

Announcing our new, limited edition shirt for the 2013/2014 season. It’s Apocalypse Kow’s Greatest Shirt Ever! and they’ll be available at this year’s Fringe Festival following each and every performance. The shirts are available in three colours–green, blue, and red–in both men’s and ladies’ style shirts. The colours are slightly different between the men’s and ladies’ shirts, so I have no trouble selling a ladies style shirt to a dude or a men’s shirt to a dudette, if that’s what you really want.

Note that I also have no trouble selling a men’s style CD to a lady or a ladies style Kow-Zoo to a man, and I am more than willing to sell Jago for the price of a frappuccino after the Fringe is done. The Jago is only gently used, still runs fine on beef and potatoes, and is computer-savvy. He enjoys comedy, comic books, Animal Crossing on the Nintendo 3DS, and Real Housewives of Moose Jaw on The Saskatchewan Network. He drives a Honda and he’s ready to mingle, ladies (and select, extremely wealthy and even more extremely celibate gentlemen).

AUGUST 09 PROOF (64000L)_V1


Ceci n’est pas un kow

We have many ideas for new shirts, but since we moved to an indoor Fringe stage a couple of years ago, the potential market for our shirts has decreased and though you may be the awesomest Kow fan, you can only want so many of the same t-shirt (one, usually). So we haven’t done a whole lot of shirt designing in the last few years. But in those last few years, we’ve had numerous requests to bring back the “ceci n’est pas un kow” shirt and we are nothing if not responsive to our public.

Here is the new design for the oft-requested shirt. The text is a slightly different font only because my computer, which stored the old design, has gone through two hard drive crashes since the original was created. The kow is the same, though perhaps a little older, more careworn, a better Call of Duty: Black Ops player, perhaps. This is a kow wiser in the ways of a cappella music and muay thai. I hope this meets with y’all’s approval.

2013 ceci nest pas un kow_jpg