February update

Greetings, Kow fans!

We hope that those of you who donated to last year’s Indiegogo campaign are enjoying the super secret bonus track we released. If you have any thoughts about it, please let us know on one of our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram). We always like to hear what you folks think about the stuff we do.

On that note, it is my duty to report that, unfortunately, we still haven’t heard back from the music publishers regarding our use of parody for the Christmas album. Over the next little while, Kow will have to make a decision regarding how to get those tracks out to you, our loyal fans, and to the donors to the crowdfunding campaign. We are not without options. We could make the parody tracks a free download, or as we did with the super secret bonus track, we could release them to our donors first and to the general public later. We would have the non-parody tracks pressed onto a physical CD release, in those cases. Perhaps we would release the Christmas disc in digital format only. We’re still exploring these options, but we wanted to let you guys know that we haven’t forgotten your generous support or our obligation to our fans.

The good news is that we are starting to plan our performance season, and holy cow, do we have some plans to hint at! the most important news is that after a year off, Kow will be applying to the Edmonton Fringe Festival again! We’ve already secured a venue, we’ve all but decided on a concept for the show, and we’re planning new merch to coincide with the show! we’ve been having a blast coming up with ideas for it, and longtime Kow fans will recognize the inspiration for the show, which dates back to our early outdoor stage days at the Fringe.

But the Fringe isn’t until August. What is Kow up to in the meantime, you may ask? We weren’t content with just one show in the meantime, so we may have two shows to announce in the coming months! *checks calendar* Correction: we may have three performances to announce in the months before Fringe. Do you or your work/organization have an event that Kow would be perfect for? A fundraiser? Party? Wedding? Dinner? Morris dancing competition? We are still available for private functions and events and our rates are reasonable.

And hey, February marks the beginning of Kow birthday season. Joel R. had his birthday a couple of weeks ago, Jago has his birthday tomorrow, and Stan and Devin have theirs in March. Joel F. is the outlier with an April birthday. So be sure to wish those Neds a happy birthday and buy them a beverage! We’ll talk to you again once we have more news to share! Thanks, Kow pokes!