Fringe prep, part 2

Hooray, it’s August!

Holy cats on a pogo stick, it’s August! Fringe is in two weeks and we haven’t even tested the trampoline yet! Or the tightrope! Or the oboe goats! It’s a darn good thing, then, that we don’t have any of those things in our Fringe show. This year, we’re taking things a little easier than the last few. Our show this year is script-light and music-heavy, with some skits, games, and fun stuff to keep the show from being monotonous. We have little videos coming in from some of our famous friends that we’ll be including in the show.

One of these friends is Liana K, the “Red” of Ed & Red’s Podcast From the Monster Room. She is such a good friend and fan that she (and Ed the Sock!) were the first topic of discussion on their latest podcast (episode 5)! Thanks, Liana and Ed, and the six degrees of Apocalypse Kow!

This week, we had our first rehearsal in a month where we were all together. We went over a bunch of our new music and I think we’re ready for Fringe.  We play most every night at 7pm at BYOV #33 (Knox-Metropolitan Church) and our ticket prices are the same as last year. Remember, that’s Knox-METROPOLITAN Church on 109 street and 83 avenue, and NOT Knox Evangelical Free Church on 104 street and 84 avenue. Tell your family and friends, and make sure they don’t go to the wrong church. We don’t want a repeat of the “incident” from last year. Jago’s still paying off the property damage and Devin’s finally serving the last of his 800 hours of community dance service. So check out our event, the Fringe program, our Twitter, our Facebook group, and the website for showtimes. And here’s a secret: if you buy your ticket at the door, you save a couple bucks. Sure, there’s a tiny chance we’ll sell out and you’ll miss out if you don’t buy in advance online or from the main box office, but I suppose that’s the risk you accept when buying at the door of a BYOV.

Regardless, we would love to see all of you at the show this year. I don’t know if we’ve started a Fringe with so many new songs.

Is this something we should do?

So I was traipsing around YouTube and came across an intriguing new way to sing well-known songs. And I thought to myself: Self, I says, Apocalypse Kow has always been about different and fun ways to interpret or present well-known songs. Should we try something like this? And then I thought to myself: self, why not take it to all the Kow boys and Kow girls out there in Moo Corner and see what they think? And here we are. So what do you think, Kowpokes? Would you like to see something like this at a Kow show?

Be sure to sound off in the comments on the website or in our Facebook group.

Kirby Krackle likes Apocalypse Kow

Kow fans who have seen us perform in the last year or so, particularly those who have seen us at the Fringe, have seen our cover of Kirby Krackle‘s “In Another Castle,” a love song from Mario to a lovely princess who keeps moving from castle to castle. Well, it seems nerd rockers Kirby Krackle has seen our video of us performing that song, and they like it! Sure, we’d gotten their permission to record the song for our album, Apocalypse Kow’s Greatest CD Ever!, but as every music fan knows, there’s a slight difference between a recording of a song and a live performance of that song.

I am, to put it mildly, extremely pleased that Kirby Krackle likes our cover. I’m even more pleased that they’ve shared that video with all of their fanbase by tweeting about it. I still haven’t gotten the hang of posting Tweets, but I made a Storify of the Twitter conversation and you can see it here (link opens in a new tab). Thanks, Kirby Krackle!

New songs!

Wow, Joel Forth is an arrangement machine! He’s supplied us with not one, but two new arrangements in the last couple of weeks. I’m not going to spoil them here, but there’s a chance you’ll get to hear them soon. How soon, you ask? I’m not going to spoil that here, either. As a a teaser, I’ll just say that one song is a contemporary indie rock hit that gets a lot of radio play, and the other is twisted love song from 1992. And rumour has it that Stan, Joel R., and Devin all have new arrangements coming in the next week or two. Your Apocalypse Kow is well on its way to meets its 2014 goal of 10 new songs for Fringe!

Can you imagine? 10 new songs from your a cappella ninjas? Going into their 10th Edmonton Fringe Festival? Which runs for 10 days? That’s a lot of 10s. How many more can we shoehorn in there? Anyone have a kid turning 10 this year who was born on October 10? 10th anniversary? Seen the movie “10” or The Ten or The Ten Commandments or 10 Things I Hate About You in grade 10, 10 times? Or 10 episodes of the TV series Just The 10 Of Us?

And it’s not just new songs we’ll be bringing to the Fringe this year. We’re also dusting off the cobwebs of some older songs that Joel F. hasn’t sung with us yet, so there’s that to look forward to. Are there any old Kow favourites you hope we’ll sing at the Fringe? Let us know in the comments below, or in the comments of our Facebook group.

Have any gigs for us?

It’s been a rollicking month for your Kow Boys of Moo Corner. I suppose the big news is that we have a metric crapton of new arrangements coming down the pipe. You may remember me saying that one of Kow’s big goals for this is to learn 10 new songs for this year’s Fringe. Well, so far we have 2 1/2 complete arrangements, at least two arrangements partially completed, and perhaps SIX MORE in the queue! This is unprecedented for us, but after years of tiny, incremental changes to our repertoire, we decided to concentrate on brand new content for you, our fans.

But it would be great to work out these songs in front of an audience, to have some fan feedback on them before Fringe rolls around. We are certainly our own biggest critics, but we perform because we love entertaining you guys, so we need somewhat more objective ears to hear them. It won’t surprise you to discover that audience applause is one of the ways we determine whether we did a good job. Consistent cheers and raucous appluse? It means we’ve done well. Polite , perfunctory applause? Maybe that song needs to be reworked, or we need to change the way we perform it.

And speaking of audiences and feedback, if any of our Kow boys and Kow girls out in Moo Moo Land know of (or or planning) events that would benefit from an a cappella quintet, please let us know. We’re always on the lookout for more performing opportunities. Sure, we’re performing the national anthem for a badminton tournament at NAIT this weekend (singing the national anthem at a sporting event is another 2014 goal for us) , but we’d also like to perform at weddings, conferences, festivals, that sort of thing. If you know of anything and can hook us up, let us know in the Facebook group comments or via email (that’s info [at] apocalypsekow [dot] com). Who knows? There might be some swag in it for you. Maybe. Also, hugs!

Thanks, folks. 2014 is going to be an awesome year!