The umpteenth “annual” Kristmas Kabaret

October is coming to a close, which means November is on the way: cold weather, Stan’s vacation, and (hopefully) lots of snow for the Christmas season. And speaking of Christmas, did you know that the “annual” Apocalypse Kow Kristmas Kabaret is also coming up? We’ve been mentioning it here and there, but in case you haven’t been glued to every one of our Twitter posts, here it is again:

The Apocalypse Kow Kristmas Kabaret is happening on Thursday, December 8 at The Nest at NAIT, the same place as last year and the year before. As always, the Kow Kristmas Kabaret is a night of family-friendly fun, food, and funiculars! Okay, no funiculars, but it’s a fun word to say, isn’t it? Funicular… funicular… funny funicular… Bunnicula…

I’ve just been asked by my bovine compatriots to, quote, “get on with it,” so I shall. The Kristmas Kabaret will feature special guests, audience participation, and the delightful air of whimsy that accompanies every Kow performance.

As always, proceeds from the Kristmas Kabaret go to benefit a worthy charity. This year, that charity is the Edmonton Humane Society, an organization which offers many services involving animal care, adoption, and education.

We will post more about the Kabaret in the coming weeks, but we wanted you to know it is happening. As usual, contact us on social media if you have any questions or concerns. Or if you can get those darn knots out of Devin’s back.

All is Bright Festival, November 21

Wow, what an autumn it’s been for Apocalypse Kow this year. As if it weren’t awesome enough that we got to sing O Canada at the Edmonton Eskimos game, we also got to walk in the footsteps of Edmonton history by singing O Canada and The Star-Spangled Banner at an Edmonton Oil Kings game! That’s right, friends. In case you haven’t been tuned into our social media, we got to walk out onto the ice at the historical Northlands Coliseum and start off a hockey game. Both organizations treated us extremely well, ad we’re hoping that we’ll be called upon again. And again. And again! It’s such a privilege and an honour to sing our national anthem at a sports event.

But we’re not through with 2015 yet. Our next appearance is this Saturday. Yes, we will be performaing as part of the All is Bright Festival on 124th street. We were asked by our friends at local comics store Variant Edition to perform at one of the post-Festival celebrations that are happening all around 124 street after the main Festival ends at 8pm. We’ll be doing a lot of old favourites and more recent hits, and a handful of holiday/winter/Christmas songs. And the best part? The show is pay-what-you-can! We will also be selling CDs at the show, which make for fantastic Christmas gifts for friends and family both local and distant. And Kow-zoos for the kids… or your friends’ kids!

If you’re checking out the All is Bright Festival, stick around afterwards and head to Variant Edition at 8pm for an Apocalypse Kow fun-time performance! The info is posted to our Facebook page now!

Who’s ready for football?

The Fringe seems but a distant memory a month and a half later, doesn’t it? Those 10 days of performing nearly every night, sometimes with one or more of us Kows jumping straight into a #YEGprov show, feel like a lifetime ago, and the time since has been a blissful return to normalcy. As much as any of us Kows can call our lives normal, that is, since we are all busy people with a variety of interests. Sometimes these interests overlap, sometimes they don’t. We have three teachers, an IT guy, and a municipal admin guy in our ranks and that pulls us in different directions as well. What unites us is our years of friendship and love of music and performing. Oh, and possibly CFL football.

I’m not claiming to love football, but anyone following my Twitter knows that I was an Edmonton Rush lacrosse fan and am a proud Edmontonian. My love of sports is more patriotic than anything. I like being able to identify with a team and have them represent the city as they fly around the continent to play. I like having a proxy with which to wage good-natured battles of pride against our rival city, Calgary. I even like screaming like a curler during games. But I’m not exactly a follower of football. So I’ll go to a game or two because I love this city and I want our teams to do well, but I don’t follow players, don’t know about rivalries, and don’t care about trades or who’s getting what points.

That might change this Saturday, October 17, as your Boys From Moo Corner take the field at Commonwealth Stadium to sing our national anthem during a real live professional football game! Never mind that performing the anthem at a pro sports event was one of the goals we worked towards this past year. Never mind that we’ll be singing in front of thousands upon thousands of sports fans. We’ll be at Commonwealth Stadium, an Edmonton institution, with the storied Edmonton Eskimos football team! We will be a small part of Edmonton sports history. If you’re going to be at the game, cheer as loud for us as you would for a home team touchdown. If you can’t be there, wish us well in your heart of heart, because we’ll be going out there with all of our fans’ love and support. And support the Edmonton Eskimos. They’ve been really pleasant to deal with.

Go, Esks, go!

Eskimos anthem gig paraphernalia

Fringe wrap-up 2015!

It’s been such an exciting couple of weeks here at the House at Moo Corner. Supercali-FRINGE-ilistic went very well for us as we hosted over 300 happy, supportive audience members. We got to talk to many of you after our shows, and everyone we’ve talked to haven’t been able to say enough good things about the show and our music. We couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve done this year, and we will have a lot of positivity going into our traditional post-Fringe business meeting and “Remember, We’re Still Friends” dinner next week.

Of course, we couldn’t have done it all ourselves. This year’s show was helped along by some very important and noteworthy people. First of all, we couldn’t have done the show without our trusty stage manager, Jenica Hagan. She has been a wonderful technician, sound operator, critic, and friend for many years and we work very well together. She knows music, and she knows our sound and how to get the most out of us, whether it’s adjusting mic levels on the fly or suggesting points in the music where someone needs to alter their tone or volume. We love her to bits. Fun fact: Jenica is not just a singer and stage manager, she is also an organizer. She and a friend run Three Hands Two Hearts Organizational Services, a small business that can help declutter a home to manageable levels. Need to simplify your storage? Want to get rid of redundant junk? Call on Jenica and she’ll help you out!

We’d also like to thank the Knox-Metropolitan United Church for renting us the venue once again. It’s been a decent working relationship, and we respect the trust they have in us as we take over their space for a week and a half every August. Sadly, this is likely to be our last year at Knox-Met, as the congregation will probably be moving out of that building next year. Know a great venue for Apocalypse Kow during Fringe? Let us know!

Thanks also go to our roster of front-of-house volunteers this year: thanks to Graeme and Nyleen, Jessica, Lex, Kirsten, Justin, Jason, and Suzanne for helping us out. Maybe next year, we should pay them in candy from our concession.

And finally, thank you to our audiences new and old who came out to support Apocalypse Kow. We love singing for appreciative audiences. We had a lot of new fans taking a chance on us this year, and to them we say welcome to the herd! Thanks for making this such a fun, wonderful Fringe Festival, you guys!

Be sure to catch us next at the Kaleido Family Arts Festival, September 11-13. The schedule should be up soon.

Good night!

A very special Fringe offer

Apocalypse Kow Gets Serious Poster


It’s 5 days to our first performance of Supercali-FRINGE-ilistic. Our poster is printed, we’ve learned our songs, we’ve memorized our lines, we’ve scheduled our volunteers, and we’re in the process of assembling all the props and signage we’ll need. This week, we will be setting up our venue with chairs and sound equipment and purchasing all of our concessions offerings (sour soothers were very popular last year).

This year, we are offering something a little extra to our audiences. Each and every performance, we will have a special table at our merchandise station for FREE STUFF! That’s right, we will put a selection of our overstocked light blue ladies’ tees and white logo shirts on this table to give away to lucky audience members FOR FREE, just for coming to our show! The only catch is that a limited number of each shirt is given away each performance, and it will be first-come, first-served. So come early for the best selection and to get the size you want, because if you miss out, you’ll just have to come back on a different night (or our Sunday concert spectacular!) for another chance!

To summarize: we’re ready for Fringe, and we’re giving away a few free shirts each performance, so come early and come often for your best chance to pick one up.

NOTE: Earlier this week, we noticed a discrepancy in our ticket prices. The Fringe website and program indicated regular tickets were $13, while our poster says they are $12. This was totally our mistake. We have contacted Fringe Theatre Adventures and they have agreed to honour the $12 price at the box office. Because this change is not retroactive to those who already bought their tickets online, we will offer a $1 refund to anyone who purchased a ticket to our show at the full $13 price. Please show proof of purchase at that price. Thank you, and we apologize for the confusion.

See you all at the show!