Who’s ready for football?

The Fringe seems but a distant memory a month and a half later, doesn’t it? Those 10 days of performing nearly every night, sometimes with one or more of us Kows jumping straight into a #YEGprov show, feel like a lifetime ago, and the time since has been a blissful return to normalcy. As much as any of us Kows can call our lives normal, that is, since we are all busy people with a variety of interests. Sometimes these interests overlap, sometimes they don’t. We have three teachers, an IT guy, and a municipal admin guy in our ranks and that pulls us in different directions as well. What unites us is our years of friendship and love of music and performing. Oh, and possibly CFL football.

I’m not claiming to love football, but anyone following my Twitter knows that I was an Edmonton Rush lacrosse fan and am a proud Edmontonian. My love of sports is more patriotic than anything. I like being able to identify with a team and have them represent the city as they fly around the continent to play. I like having a proxy with which to wage good-natured battles of pride against our rival city, Calgary. I even like screaming like a curler during games. But I’m not exactly a follower of football. So I’ll go to a game or two because I love this city and I want our teams to do well, but I don’t follow players, don’t know about rivalries, and don’t care about trades or who’s getting what points.

That might change this Saturday, October 17, as your Boys From Moo Corner take the field at Commonwealth Stadium to sing our national anthem during a real live professional football game! Never mind that performing the anthem at a pro sports event was one of the goals we worked towards this past year. Never mind that we’ll be singing in front of thousands upon thousands of sports fans. We’ll be at Commonwealth Stadium, an Edmonton institution, with the storied Edmonton Eskimos football team! We will be a small part of Edmonton sports history. If you’re going to be at the game, cheer as loud for us as you would for a home team touchdown. If you can’t be there, wish us well in your heart of heart, because we’ll be going out there with all of our fans’ love and support. And support the Edmonton Eskimos. They’ve been really pleasant to deal with.

Go, Esks, go!

Eskimos anthem gig paraphernalia