Christmas album crownfunding campaign!

We’re 15 days into the campaign and feeling really great about the $1,325 that we’ve raised so far. Thanks so much to our backers!

We’ve had a busy spring and early summer with a number of performances, including our Spring Fling at the end of June, a Canada Day performance in St. Albert, and a wedding gig on the 5th of July. We’ve also been meeting on the weekends laying down tracks for the CD. 3 tunes have been sent to the producer and another 5 are just a little bit of editing away from being ready. Next Saturday we’ll be heading into the studio again for tracking on two more songs. So by midway through next week, we’re looking at having 10 tracks FINISHED recording! The finish line is in sight!

We still have a ways to go in terms of funding, so share the page below and tell your friends and family about what we’re trying to do. Also stay tuned as we’re going to be releasing a number of videos in the coming days and weeks!

Click here for all the details and to donate: