Fringe prep, part 3

It’s two days til our first show of Fringe, the first of 9 classic Apocalypse Kow shows of silliness and song. Opening ceremonies are tomorrow, the first of one classic Fringe opening ceremony of… openness… I guess? Today’s rehearsal consists of loading up all our equipment, merch, and concession materials and trucking them all to the venue. Oh, why don’t any of us work at a job that requires a truck? And why aren’t any of us rural or manly enough to own a truck? Three teachers, an IT guy, and a gimpy ninja, and not a half-ton, flatbed, HEMI engine, or manly towing capacity between them. And we dare to call ourselves Albertans?!

Tomorrow will be our final dress rehearsal before we go up in front of an audience. As usual, I’m freaking out about the show but it’s much less severe and panic-inducing than previous years. I consider this progress, however little. Perhaps in another 20 years I won’t be nervous at all before a show, and won’t the other guys be pleased about that? We have all but one of the planned video bits ready to go, and I think audiences will be pleased by all the special celebrities we got to make these videos for us. Jago informs me that this might actually be our 11th year at the Fringe and not the 10th after all. I told him to shut his face because all of our advertisement and, indeed, the very premise of this show is that this year–THIS. YEAR.–is our tenth year. Then we went to that new Mexican BBQ restaurant, Rostizado, for dinner and we forgot everything but roast pork shoulder and churros.

Remember, Kow boys and Kow girls, that Apocalypse Kow Presents A Musical Tribute to Apocalypse Kow is a family-friendly show, so bring your Apocalypse Kalfs. Kidlets aged 8 and up require their own ticket. And keep your ticket stub, because our final show on Sunday, August 24, is a concert extravaganza! Anyone presenting a ticket stub from this Fringe will get $2 off admission to this show, where we throw away our scripts and focus on the moo-sic! Check out our Facebook event and share it with friends and family. We are @apocalypsekow on the Twitters, so follow us there too.

We’re gonna have a good time over the next week and a half, folks, and we’d like you to join us! Tickets are available at the door, or in advance and online from the Fringe.