Fringe prep, part 2

Hooray, it’s August!

Holy cats on a pogo stick, it’s August! Fringe is in two weeks and we haven’t even tested the trampoline yet! Or the tightrope! Or the oboe goats! It’s a darn good thing, then, that we don’t have any of those things in our Fringe show. This year, we’re taking things a little easier than the last few. Our show this year is script-light and music-heavy, with some skits, games, and fun stuff to keep the show from being monotonous. We have little videos coming in from some of our famous friends that we’ll be including in the show.

One of these friends is Liana K, the “Red” of Ed & Red’s Podcast From the Monster Room. She is such a good friend and fan that she (and Ed the Sock!) were the first topic of discussion on their latest podcast (episode 5)! Thanks, Liana and Ed, and the six degrees of Apocalypse Kow!

This week, we had our first rehearsal in a month where we were all together. We went over a bunch of our new music and I think we’re ready for Fringe.  We play most every night at 7pm at BYOV #33 (Knox-Metropolitan Church) and our ticket prices are the same as last year. Remember, that’s Knox-METROPOLITAN Church on 109 street and 83 avenue, and NOT Knox Evangelical Free Church on 104 street and 84 avenue. Tell your family and friends, and make sure they don’t go to the wrong church. We don’t want a repeat of the “incident” from last year. Jago’s still paying off the property damage and Devin’s finally serving the last of his 800 hours of community dance service. So check out our event, the Fringe program, our Twitter, our Facebook group, and the website for showtimes. And here’s a secret: if you buy your ticket at the door, you save a couple bucks. Sure, there’s a tiny chance we’ll sell out and you’ll miss out if you don’t buy in advance online or from the main box office, but I suppose that’s the risk you accept when buying at the door of a BYOV.

Regardless, we would love to see all of you at the show this year. I don’t know if we’ve started a Fringe with so many new songs.