September website update

Now that Fringe is over, Apocalypse Kow can take some time away from rehearsal to working on the business side of things.

Thanks to our webmaster, Ryan Ro, who was able to take five non-web-savvy Kows and place them squarely in the middle of the internet. Not only are blog and news updates automatically sent to our Facebook group, we have website emails linked to our Gmail, we have an easy to update web interface, and we are slowly beginning to populate the site with the kinds of content you want to see and hear. At this point, that probably means music.

Introducing Apocalypse Kow digital music streaming! You may have noticed a box on the right-hand sidebar containing a Soundcloud music player and 4 songs from our live album, “Vol. 1 – The Masters of Evil.” You can also go to our new Soundcloud page to hear these tunes! More songs are incoming, though. The plan is to have 4 songs from “The Complete First Season” as well as the entirety of “Apocalypse Kow’s Greatest CD Ever” streaming on Soundcloud. We are also looking into digital music sales, but please keep in mind that the physical CD sold at gigs, the Kristmas Kabaret and Fringe contain a super-secret bonus track that is not available on digital.

More to come, Kow fans, including website comments, season updates, new music, and maybe even an online store!

Fringe update: One show left!

Wow, Fringe seemed to fly by this year, though I clearly recall us working our butts off on stage night after night. Many of our friends and longtime Kow fans have told us that we’ve never sounded better, and I agree with them. One Kow fan wrote: ” I laughed at Thursday’s show so hard that I cried.” This has been our most consistently solid run to data, both musically and energy-wise, and I think we’re only going to get better in the next few years as we start work on super secret plans for future shows. We love performing for our fans, and we saw many of you in the house and chatted with you afterwards. If anyone wants/needs a CD or shirt signed, sound off in the comments on our Facebook page (blog/news post comments coming soon) and we can make arrangements.

I’m not nearly as agile as I used to be, but I have been able to do our shows without feeling like I need to lie down for a week. Granted, having a chair on stage helps. Our set list includes a song where I get to sit (“In Another Castle”), and there’s one part of the show where I can, if necessary, sit for a moment. Often, that’s all the time I need. And all of our audiences, large and small, have been very appreciative after the curtain closes. We ask only that you spread the word to friends, family, and anyone else who might enjoy our blend of a cappella music and comedy. Play them one of our CDs or, better yet, buy them one. Our CDs make excellent gifts and I anticipate a run on them for the Christmas season. We will of course have them available for sale at our annual Kristmas Kabaret (date and venue to be announced).

Tonight (Sunday) is our last show of this year’s Fringe. Doors at 6:45pm, show at 7pm. Tickets are $10, $8 for students and seniors. Children 2 and under, and all artists with a Fringe Artist badge, get in free. We’d love to see all you kind and generous Kow supporters in the house.

Keep supporting us, keep commenting on our posts, and if you photograph or video us, please link us to wherever you post it. You know where to find us. We love you all.


Fringe mid-week update

It’s mid-week for Apocalypse Kow, and how is Apocalypse Kow’s Greatest Show Ever?

According to our audience, it’s a really good show! There are tons of laughs, plenty of great music, and fun for the whole family. We’ve been reviewed by Vue Weekly’s Carolyn Jervis, who calls us “good-spirited entertainment for all ages” and “Edmonton’s most endearing group of a cappella nerds.” Three stars from the reviewer and four stars from Vue readers!

We take a break tomorrow (Tuesday) but are back Wednesday night and run nightly until the end of Fringe, including Sunday night. Come and see us, laugh your butts off, and cap the night by taking a little piece of Kow home with you, whether it’s in the form of Apocalypse Kow’s Greatest CD Ever, Apocalypse Kow’s Greatest Shirt Ever, or, you know, one of Apocalypse Kow’s greatest hugs ever! I hear Joel Forth has been offering free hugs.

Fringe update: Opening night!

Our opening night tonight was pretty fun. Even I enjoyed myself, and I’m usually a nervous wreck when it comes to our opening performance at the Fringe. We sounded great, most of our cues were tight, and we remembered 95% of our lines, correctly at that! The audience laughed in the right places, and enthusiastic audience members clapped or sang along to familiar songs. They seemed to enjoy our new stuff too, which is awesome, because part of the fun of being in Apocalypse Kow is in seeing what songs we can blow their minds with by singing it a cappella. Whether it’s Britney Spears’ ToxicPachelbel’s Canon leading into Green Day’s Basketcase, or the classic Ring of Fire, there’s always something a new audience member is surprised and/or impressed by. And there’s nothing I love more than an appreciative audience!

Most of my worries this year had to do with some of our merchandise and how it was all coming at the last minute. A little flooding here, a little missed email there, some scheduling difficulties over here, and last-minute things get to be last-second things. We received our shipment of new t-shirts this morning, and our new CDs were handed to us 90 seconds before curtain while we were in the green room! That cuts things a little too close for comfort.

But everything looks great and the CD sounds great. The only downside is that, due to our super-rushed t-shirt order, the printing company forgot to send us some tote bags so our ultra-magnificent merchanise combo offer, the Apocalypse Kow Beefy Package, while still a good value, is not as good a value as it would have been (or as convenient to carry) without the tote. Depending on when we get the totes, we may extend the Beefy Package deal through to our annual Kristmas Kabaret. Also, we owe one audience member 5 Kowzoos since, while remembering to haul all the new shirts to the venue this afternoon, we forgot to haul the Kowzoos.

But the Beefy Package still stands! You get:

  • one t-shirt of choice
  • we throw in a blue ladies’ logo t or a white logo t
  • any two CDs of choice
  • 5 Kowzoos

And you get all of that (approximately $50-$60 value) for only $40. Hope to see y’all at the show, and at the merch table so you can at least say hello afterwards!

Fringe online ticketing issues

Hey, Kow boys and Kow girls. There appears to be some confusion regarding the Fringe’s online ticketing system. Some patrons report being unable to purchase tickets for some shows. This is allegedly due to certain performances appearing in grey, a pretty universal online symbol of “unavailable.” This is not the case, however, and tickets for those show are still available. So if you are trying to order tickets online and find a performance in grey, you should still be able to get tickets for that performance. Why the Fringe did it this way, I don’t know, but note that for Apocalypse Kow’s Greatest Show Ever, at least, we will have 50 tickets available at the door for every performance.

And because of my confusion over dates, we run Friday to Monday, then Wednesday to Sunday, and not Saturday as I originally thought.