Hear Stan teach. Teach, Stan, teach.

I don’t know how many Kow fans know me well, but I used to be a really shy boy. In junior high, I took Drama as an option because, despite my shyness, I liked being on stage pretending to be someone I wasn’t, or do something I wouldn’t normally do. This has led to a lifelong love of performing and receiving applause from a satisfied audience. I’ve done everything from Shakespeare to one-acts written by friends, comedies to dramas, improv, sketch comedy, emceeing, and even amateur film. And, of course, there’s my singing “career” which includes classical choirs, a jazz choir, an a cappella choir, and Apocalypse Kow.

This past year, I was given the opportunity to do some new things. I have a very small role in an upcoming episode of local television comedy Tiny Plastic Men (viewable only on Super Channel, unforunately). And I was hired to voice an animated character. I’ve always been fascinated by cartoons and voicing, and over the years, I’ve just gotten more and more intrigued by character voicing and voice-over. A decade ago, I was so intrigued that I took a couple of voice workshops, which I loved. I never did anything with it because I had a really good day job at the time, but since leaving that job in 2012, I’ve been tentatively dipping my toe back into those waters.

A former co-worker founded his own software company and was developing educational apps. A new app series he was developing needed a character, and a mutual friend (another former co-worker) was aware of my aspirations so connected the two of us. And now I can finally talk about it because the project has been officially announced!

Check out this video:


Yup, that’s me as the voice of Spellyfish in Pyxwise Software’s “Spellyfish – Short ‘A’ Words”, an educational iOS app for young children. If you have kindergarten-aged children, or know someone who does, I’d love it if you would pass along this link. Or better yet, pick up the app for your kids. If it’s successful enough, then this little ninja may get hired on to do more Spellyfish in the series!

New shirt design!

Announcing our new, limited edition shirt for the 2013/2014 season. It’s Apocalypse Kow’s Greatest Shirt Ever! and they’ll be available at this year’s Fringe Festival following each and every performance. The shirts are available in three colours–green, blue, and red–in both men’s and ladies’ style shirts. The colours are slightly different between the men’s and ladies’ shirts, so I have no trouble selling a ladies style shirt to a dude or a men’s shirt to a dudette, if that’s what you really want.

Note that I also have no trouble selling a men’s style CD to a lady or a ladies style Kow-Zoo to a man, and I am more than willing to sell Jago for the price of a frappuccino after the Fringe is done. The Jago is only gently used, still runs fine on beef and potatoes, and is computer-savvy. He enjoys comedy, comic books, Animal Crossing on the Nintendo 3DS, and Real Housewives of Moose Jaw on The Saskatchewan Network. He drives a Honda and he’s ready to mingle, ladies (and select, extremely wealthy and even more extremely celibate gentlemen).

AUGUST 09 PROOF (64000L)_V1


Ceci n’est pas un kow

We have many ideas for new shirts, but since we moved to an indoor Fringe stage a couple of years ago, the potential market for our shirts has decreased and though you may be the awesomest Kow fan, you can only want so many of the same t-shirt (one, usually). So we haven’t done a whole lot of shirt designing in the last few years. But in those last few years, we’ve had numerous requests to bring back the “ceci n’est pas un kow” shirt and we are nothing if not responsive to our public.

Here is the new design for the oft-requested shirt. The text is a slightly different font only because my computer, which stored the old design, has gone through two hard drive crashes since the original was created. The kow is the same, though perhaps a little older, more careworn, a better Call of Duty: Black Ops player, perhaps. This is a kow wiser in the ways of a cappella music and muay thai. I hope this meets with y’all’s approval.

2013 ceci nest pas un kow_jpg

Apocalypse Kow’s Greatest CD Ever! update

The mixing for APOCALYPSE KOW’S GREATEST CD EVER is done! This has been a difficult process. Conflicting Kow schedules, flooding in the recording studio, and some sick days made for a somewhat frustrating experience, but now that it’s pretty much done, we think you’re going to love it. If you love us Kows, then you’ll definitely love it!

The CD will have 9 new tracks, one of which is only available on disc and will not be on the digital version of the album. Wait, did I just say DIGITAL VERSION OF THE ALBUM? Yes, I did, but the digital version may not be available in time for the Fringe, so the CD will also be your ONLY way to get the album for a little while.

Thanks to Lee Conrad for the CD design, and Ryan Ro for all the help in bringing Kow to the 21st century.