Apocalypse Kow at ‘Art in Our Park’ Festival

Change of Plans

We were saddened this week to hear that long-time friend of Kow and member of the Chickadeez, Allison T. had lost her father in a car accident. Our thoughts are with her and her family in this difficult time.

This also means a change of plans for our Spring Fling. The Chickadeez were slated to be our special guests for the evening, but Allison will be out of town spending time with her family. We were greatly looking forward to an evening with the immensely talented Chickadeez and we look forward to working with them when the time is right.

The Apocalypse Kow Spring Fling will go on, however, and we’ve been lucky enough to secure a new guest for the evening. Clare Belford is a very talented young comic who we first saw perform back in December. We’re very happy to welcome her to the line-up and we think you will enjoy her act.

We hope to see you there!


Earlier this week, you may have seen the poster pop up on Facebook, but in case you found the veracity of the information therein to be of question, please, allow me to confirm with you that the SPRING FLING IS A THING! What kind of thing you ask? Well here are some highlights to look forward to:

1. New music! We’ve been hard at work writing and learning a number of new arrangements and we’ll be debuting a good chunk of them at the fling. We’re also excited to be performing a brand spanking new John McMillan arrangement.

2. Special guest! We’re very excited to have Clare Belford as our guest at this year’s fling. Super funny comic who we’ve been wanting to work with ever since we saw her perform in December of last year.

3. Comedy! Often the Spring Fling is our first opportunity to bounce some new bits off an audience before our Finge show in the summer. Some items of special interest could include a Jago/food/dating game show, a slam-poetry smack down, and a musical twitter frenzy.

4. Old favourites! While we will be performing a ton of new material, we’ll be sure to include some of our old classics which have kept y’all kow boys and girls coming back over the years. (We muchly appreciate the support, as always).

So, details:

The show is at 7:30pm on June 14th, at Happy Harbor Comics (10729 104 Ave). Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at Happy Harbor comics, from any of your local Kows, or you can message us on our Facebook page or email us at kow.edmonton@gmail.com and we’ll make sure you get hooked up.

We look forward to see you all there!