Apocalypse on iTunes!

Apocalypse Kow has been dragged kicking and screaming into the digital market! How is this, you ask? Why, thanks to our good friend and webmaster Ryan Ro, you can now get Apocalypse Kow’s GREATEST CD EVER! in a multitude of different formats!

Are you tired of physical CDs? How about using cash to buy things? Seriously guys, it’s 2013! Our new album is now available on iTunes! Click this link, to be whisked away through the magic of the interwebs.

What’s that? You don’t use iTunes? You prefer MP3 format for your oh-so-nifty Zune or Creative Labs player that you bought back in 2007? You can also buy the digital album from CDbaby!

“But Jago,” you say, “I WANT a circular plastic disc mystically encoded with musical information!” Well then, have we got a deal for YOU, luddite! The Apocalypse Kow online store is now online for all your compact disc and t-shirt needs. Click the “shop” link now. Just want the new CD? This link is your friend!

Finally, you can stream the entire new album free from our soundcloud page, or the handy-dandy music player in the sidebar.

All these ways of getting our CD! It’s like we’re trying to get away from being completely unfriendly online!