Apocalypse Kow’s Greatest CD Ever! update

The mixing for APOCALYPSE KOW’S GREATEST CD EVER is done! This has been a difficult process. Conflicting Kow schedules, flooding in the recording studio, and some sick days made for a somewhat frustrating experience, but now that it’s pretty much done, we think you’re going to love it. If you love us Kows, then you’ll definitely love it!

The CD will have 9 new tracks, one of which is only available on disc and will not be on the digital version of the album. Wait, did I just say DIGITAL VERSION OF THE ALBUM? Yes, I did, but the digital version may not be available in time for the Fringe, so the CD will also be your ONLY way to get the album for a little while.

Thanks to Lee Conrad for the CD design, and Ryan Ro for all the help in bringing Kow to the 21st century.